Shower Niches for Your Bathroom

bathroom remodel with built-in shampoo soap shower niches tiled with white square subway tile

If you’re tired of crowded bathroom tubs ringed with shampoo, soap, and cleaning supplies, a shower niche might be the answer for you! At MPT Enterprises, Inc., we want to give you a space where you can store your shower supplies safely and neatly. 

What Is a Shower Niche?

A shower niche is a dedicated space — typically an insert in your shower wall — where you can store shower supplies such as soap, shampoo, shaving cream, razors, or body wash. 

Built-in shampoo soap double shower niche with ceramic penny tile

What Are the Benefits

A shower niche provides a large variety of benefits. These include:

  • Storage: You have the perfect space to store your shower items out of harm’s way. No more crowded bathtubs, no more hanging baskets, and no more items that you could accidentally knock over or bang into — enjoy your shower without risk.
  • Safety: Crowded bathtubs with items that you could trip on increases the potential of slipping in the shower. Don’t risk your health and your life. Get a niche so you can safely put your shower supplies out of the way.
  • Beauty: A shower niche can do wonders for your shower design. No longer are you limited to the confines of an ordinary shower stall or bathtub. You can have the bathtub or shower stall with a beautiful and tastefully designed niche that provides the extra something your bathroom needs.
  • Maintenance: With haphazard shower supplies strewn about and wire baskets clogging your shower space, your shower maintenance becomes hard. You might find cleaning a chore with so many items to pick up, and wire baskets increase your risk of rust. Make your shower maintenance easier.

Reinvent your shower space.

How Can We Help

At MPT Enterprises, Inc., we want to help you have the best shower niche for your bathroom. We employ our expert design skills to find the best location and design for you. Whatever height, angle, and shape you want, we can install that.

Call us today at 773-205-9720 to learn more about our shower niches.